Our innovative tactical bolt knob conversions are the strongest and best looking in the industry. No welding, heat treating, or re-finishing required–just a clean, professional installation of your bolt knob.

Thinking outside the box, we designed special fixtures to turn the bolt in a lathe and cut the old bolt knob off and make it into a threaded shaft for the new bolt knob. This lets us center the shaft on the bolt handle for perfect bolt knob alignment.

Due to the Remington manufacturing process, cavities are often present inside the handle. The standard bolt knob conversion can greatly weaken the transition from handle to bolt knob. For Remington 700 bolts, we drill out the center of the shaft and the handle, tap the hole for 10/32, and insert a hardened steel screw re-enforced with Loc-tite 271 and then face off for a clean finish. This strengthens the joint from the handle to shaft that other conversions can fail under normal conditions; that is Short Action Customs, LLC innovation!

Attention: Short Action Customs is not accepting Left Handed bolt knob conversions.

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