Short Action Customs is proud to supply Desert Tech chassis, components and complete rifles.  In addition to factory Desert Tech components, Short Action Customs is offering Premium Cut Rifled Bartlein Barrels ( with our proprietary Desert Tech contour. Short Action Customs can build you a match quality barrel with your exacting specifications while still offering a 1/2 MOA guarantee on accuracy with factory match ammunition and hand loads.
In addition to match grade aftermarket caliber conversion barrels, Short Action Customs is also offering our proprietary 223 Remington Conversion Kit.  Please visit the SAC 223 Remington Conversion Kit page.


The Short Action Customs/DTA barrels start off as contoured barrel blanks from Bartlein Barrels.   They are inspected and prepared for chambering.  While in the lathe, our barrels are dialed in co-axially on the chamber end within .0001″-.0002″ to ensure the straightest possible chamber.  Next the Desert Tactical Arms barrel extensions are installed and timed to the curvature of the bore.  This ensures that the barrels are indexed perfectly straight with all curvature of the barrel pointing to the 12 o’clock position. This can prevent any windage issues down range as well as ensuring the barrel is centered perfectly in the handguard. After the extension is fitted, we chamber ream the barrel with our match reamers with minimum head space.


In addition to the benefits of a Bartlein cut rifled barrel, the Short Action Customs/DTA barrel will be installed with a DTA Generation 2 extension.  This allows us to use our proprietary locking lug system to run our barrels in Gen 1 and Gen 2 chassis.  This gives the shooter the most flexibility without compromise.


Short Action Customs/DTA barrels start at $1350 which includes:
  • Supplying a new DTA barrel extension
  • Supplying a new Bartlein barrel blank with our DTA contour
  • Chambering the barrel to your specifications, fitting the extension
  • Cutting the locking lug recess for the chassis
  • Cutting the barrel to length, crowning and thread to your specifications
  • Supplying and installing a custom thread protector when not using a muzzle brake
  • Cerakoting barrel to customers specifications
  • Shipping insured through FedEx
Additional options include:
  • Heavy spiral barrel fluting…$175
  • Heavy straight barrel fluting…$175
  • Melonite barrel treatment…$125
  • Barrel break in and cleaning…$100