Starting your rifle build with Short Action Customs is a simple process. Here is a quick outline of how we start a rifle build:

  • E-mail us with any details of your potential rifle build. A simple bullet point list is perfect. 
  • We currently have actions, stocks, barrels, and all types of small parts in hand, let us know what you would like us to supply. We can install your supplied parts, or order in what you need.
  • We will then E-mail you a quote along with our terms and conditions.
  • We will help the customer finalize their rifle build and come up with a final build specification.
  • Once the customer accepts the terms and conditions, and gives us a written (E-mail or letter) confirmation of the build specifications, we are ready to accept a down payment for the rifle build.
  • We only require the components we supply to be paid for to start the build. If the customer is supplying the components then no down payment is required, however final payment of the services performed is due before shipment/pickup.

Contact us for any questions about how to start your rifle build.