In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently, we believe in challenging the Status Quo, we believe in our customers. 


The way we think differently is by…

  • Rethinking how the rifle build process should go.
  • Creating our own tooling, fixtures and processes. Our Processes
  • Finding our own way: Scientifically challenging current norms. Action Truing Video

The way we challenge the Status Quo is by…

  • Making products that are beautifully designed. Our Products
  • Offering services that are thoughtfully executed, repeatable, and offer performance. Our Services
  • Keeping the pursuit to answer the question “Why” our driving force.

The way we believe in our customers is by…

  • Understanding their needs and expectations and exceeding them.
  • Not trying to sell you only what is in stock, or making decisions that are not in your best interest.
  • Being available with face to face meetings, phone calls and E-mails.
  • Creating internal software systems to offer updates, order specifications and channels of communication.

Let us MEET your needs and EXCEED your expectations. Lets start your exceptional rifle. 

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